Benefits for Geriatricians

Auto-generate the ACCR and ACAT MDS without duplication.

- Online referrals eliminate unnecessary paperwork, faxing and telephone calls
- Assessments can be viewed online by external providers
- Progress notes can be shared

Online progress notes facitlitate shared documentation insude and outside the ward. 

Can be applied online to bring geriatric expertise to rural and remote areas. Assessments can be reported from any internet connection.

Geriatrician consultation time reduced by up to 75%.

Integrated scales include cognition; delerium; mood; communication; ADL; IADL; mobility; BMI and pain.

- Organising patient data in clinician-friendly format
- Screening for geriatric syndromes to target treatment
- Providing risk profiling to focus prevention strategies
- Monitoring progress over time using scalar measures

- Concise patient profiles synthesise a wide array of patient data
- Searching through patient charts is minimised