What do we do

CeGA Online builds software solutions to support comprehensive and efficient electronic geriatric assessment and care planning.  The software provides a capacity to communicate findings to internal and external stakeholders across a secure online network. 

CeGA Online is a university-based software enterprise focussed on improving the care of older people through e-health solutions.  CeGA Online was instigated at The University of Queensland (UQ) by the Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine in association with the Centre for Online Health and led by Professor Len Gray.

Clinicians and researchers at UQ have extensive experience in the development and implementation of standardised assessment systems for older people.  The development of software systems is part of a wider strategy to reform clinical processes to improve consistency, quality and work flow.  We work with users to refine and customise assessment systems to suit their needs, both in the development phase and in implementation of finished products.